Your company might be woke if:

  • You have been marched off to re-education camp including popular concepts such as “white fagility”, “unconcious bias training” or anti-racism.
  • You have been coerced into DIE(Diveristy Inclusion or Equity) training despite your sincerest attempts to decline.
  • There are regular communications indicating the continued fight against “systemic racism”, especially without point out what is systemically racist.
  • The company releases comments on tragidies that just happened without gathering all of the facts.
  • The company promotes and encourages participation in Power of Difference communities aka PODs. These PODs are usually based on identiy like LGBTQAI+, Black, LatinX, Veteran etc. There will be no “white” POD and you may be called racists for even thinking about starting one.
  • Your company insists that mandating ID to vote is racist despite having required you to identify yourself for employment or for customers to purchase a service.
  • Encourages you to specify your personal pronouns everywhere.
  • Your company has a VP of D&I or DIE.
  • Your company insists that DIE is the best thing for the company without defining what those words mean without corporate doublespeak.